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Disney Land Paris 2015

Even though we had been out the night before, Lucy finally admitted defeat and came to Disney with me with a raging hangover (Sorry Luc) but I loved every second of it! I was lucky enough to visit Disney Land Paris when I was two & eight years old so when I arrived at the gates nostalgia poured over me & I welled up. I didn't care that I was 22 I ran inside (stopping to be checked for selfie sticks which are randomly banned) & into the square. Unfortunately it was a glum but humid day so all my pics of the castle are rather gloomy but hey ho, I was at Disney land. I ran to my favourite place The Haunted mansion dragging Lucy with me cursing me as all she wanted was a coffee. I won't lie but once I had finished going on my favourite rides I was quite shocked to realise that we had covered the whole park. I didn't realise how small Euro Disney was. All in all it took us five hours including regular hangover coffee & cigarette breaks for Lucy. I took photos of everything as I love looking back at all the little details & even though I was disappointed a little by how quickly the day went, I still can't wait to pay all that money to come back again. Thats just what Disney does to me!

Have you been to any of the Disney Lands? I've only been to Paris & would love to go Orlando! Any recommendations?


The Lourve

Oh the Lourve. I was so excited waking up knowing I was going here on that day. I have wanted to visit the Lourve ever since I found out what it was. I wish I could say that I could confidently cross it off my bucket list but unfortunately only stayed for two hours *cries*. We got in and made it as far as the statue room and the Napoleon apartments when my friend admitted she was bored and didn't want to spend any more time looking at old things. I was tempted to stay & let her have a wander but as she didn't have a phone to call her on later to meet up I thought it was pointless to argue & we ended up leaving. But I guess it just means I have an excuse to come again and spend a day or two as a right tourist with the guides walking around. 

I have to say what I did see of the museum was beyond spectacular. The statue room was my favourite! There was so much light & space, the statues were beautiful. I can't wait to visit the Egyptian department next time.

Sorry, I was far too happy in that room! 

Have you visited before? What's your favourite part?